Tuesday, 27 March 2012

my OMG moment

Yup- it came.

This morning after an awesome playdate (and photoshoot!) with all the "sisters" (as Rowan would put it), and departing my awesome running friend...en route home up the Young St hill...sun shining...Miss G decided it was better to "walk" the hill, than have me push her in the chariot, and there it came:

I'm BACK TO WORK in 2 dreaded days.  Eff.

The whole idea of me "going back" was great a few weeks ago...it was still freakin' cold, I was constantly having to bundle up the kids to go outside, we were running out of indoor things to do after the long, cold winter...and frankly, I was ready to start having my life back and firing a few brain neurons here and there. 

And then the great weather came...

No more beauty-day runs with the babes (even if its an extra 75lbs to push around the hills of Uxbridge!), no more weekday playdates, no impromptu pool dates, park visits, splash pads...  Back to the crazy full-time job rush, flights, early morning ORs, weekend sales meetings. 


Saturday, 17 March 2012

She's walkin'!

Stinkin' cute and everything else...Miss G is now standing solo, and strutin' her stuff:

Many moms are reluctant for their subsequent babes to start walking (or moving...).  Perhaps its one of the final "baby" steps for their youngest child- trying to hold out on those baby stages for a wee bit longer!  Or perhaps its the fact that life does get a little crazy when they start moving (we've been pulling G out of the dog bowl since she started crawling at 8 months!- see below, and note the copious amounts of water she's managed to splash out of the dog bowl already!)

...or perhaps the reluctancy of motion is simply to keep life easier- believe me.  We've been breaking up enough shake-downs in the toy room between Rowan and G to cost ourselves some serious grey hair on a daily basis!

Regardless- we're happy she's a-movin'!  She's so proud of herself, and it is an amazing reminder of life's special moments to see the expressions on her face when she toddles along. 


One of Rowan's fav things to do during "quiet time" is to craft.  I saw this idea on Pinterest, and given Rowan's fascination for all thing Seuss, I had to do it!  Take a look...

any guesses on what this is....

(beyond just a smattering of Rowan's handprints...)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 was a total copy-job from Pinterest, but I'm happy to say that the Fish in the Pot was our creation- Rowan's palm and thumb for the pot, and the lateral side of his fist for the Fish.  Super cute, and I can't wait to get a triple frame and hang them up in his room!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rowan- 3!

Dearest Rowan,

Wow...3 already?  Where did the time go?  We are so proud of you- proud to be your parents, proud of who you have become, and proud to see where you will go in the days, months and years ahead!

This year has been a big one- one of many more "firsts": first time skating,

first 2-wheeler bike (Specialized Hot Rock, of course!),

 you became a Big Brother to baby sis Georgia,

moved over to a big boy bedroom and big boy bed,

started going to school,

and moreso, have amazed us with all the knowledge and skills you now possess. 

You can count to 20, although somehow, you most often seem to count ...14, 15, 17, 16, 18, 20.  We're getting there...  Your ABC's have been well mastered for months (arguably since you turned 2), and you can carry a tune almost as well as your Daddy.  Favourite singing songs includes the Good Morning Train (which, no matter what time of day), you will loudly blow your Train Whistle throughout the house yelling: Get on board the Good Morning Train Mommy/Daddy/Gryphon/Georgia!!!  Very cute.  You know all your colours, shapes, and can sort your million trains and cars by colour and shape.

After 4 tries (the first 3 initiated by Mommy and Daddy), you mastered the Potty, and now refuse to even use the potty seat for help, declaring that you would rather go on the Big Person Potty.  This newfound independance makes Mommy cringe when we are out and in need of a public toilet, but I suppose that is what soap and sanitizer is for, right?  (Blah!).  You have occasional accidents, but have now progressed to waking up at night to use the bathroom, which is yet another step in the right direction to full potty professionalism! 

Your naps were nixed at 2 1/2 years, and you definitely didn't inheirit your Daddy's sleep patterns.  Reliably, you'll usually sleep until 7am, but no one ever knows when you are going to fall asleep for the evening.  If you had a nap at school, you're partying until 9 or 10pm (which makes the next day super-fun...you'll learn more about that as you get older and have your own kids!), and if you didn't have a nap, you're often tapping out somewhere around 6pm...and holding strong until bath at 6:45, bed at 715/730 without issue.  Somewhere around December 2011, you decided that you were no longer going to sleep through the night, and since that time, you've been getting up 3-6 times per night.  (Yes- also fun for Mommy!).  Here's hoping that 4-month pattern changes soon!

You still love, love your Thomas Trains- know every character by name, and will play independantly on the train table for well over an hour....making up stories, and recalling stories from Thomas books we have read to act your engines through the play time.  I think your favourite thing to do is take apart your track, have an engine dangle off the "cliff", and recruit Rocky or the Breakdown Train to come rescue them.  Interestingly, this also shows your very helpful attitude that you display at school and at home. 

The Disney Pixar movie Cars and Cars 2 are also a big part of your life.  Cars 2 was your first big movie theatre movie- Daddy took you to the huge Cineplex in Newmarket, and this is all you talked about for weeks!  You know all the characters, and love to race the cars across the hardwood floors.  It frustrates you when Georgia wants to "play" too, as she seems to get more in the way of your play interests than actually play with you.  Have patience- give her a few months, and she'll be your best playmate (much better than Mommy and Daddy). 

You still need some help getting dressed and brushing teeth, but are dying to be more independant with both of these tasks.  Mommy is secretly happy to still be of help to get you dressed, otherwise you'd be sporting one of your "comfy" pants or pj's every day of the week...no matter is we were going out of the house, or not. 

We had a blast in the pool this past summer- you loved it once you were in, but you certainly aren't quite that "fish outta water" kid that we once thought you would be.  Perhaps this summer when you are more used to having daily access to a swimming pool.  You did love to kick around in the bumper boats, and splash in the water with your friends.

The park by our house got ALOT of use this year, as it was a guaranteed couple hours of play time in the mornings with Mommy and Miss G.  Winter or Summer- you mastered the "shake shake bridge", all 4 slide options, climbing up the "big kid" ladders, and even managed to (almost) figure out the older kid swing (the "baby swing" now belongs to Miss G).

The winter months have been fun too- you love to be helpful with shoveling the driveway, build snow men, found a new LOVE of toboganning on the hills in Quaker Village, tried hockey skates for the first time (and did 2 1/2 laps of the arena!), and have been on your downhill skiis a few times too.  We're trying to keep you active...a 3-year has ALOT of energy to burn! 

You are very sensitive to change, and are definitely one of those kids that sit back and take it all in before deciding on how you are going to respond to a situation.  We are often told that you are wise beyond your years, and catch on to new concepts very quickly at school (and at home).  You are eager to learn, love to cuddle up and read a book, adore baking (thanks for the super-cool apron, T!!!)
You love puzzles, colouring, and will get your hands into any (clean) craft that we can offer.  You're all about order and routine (almost militantly), and Daddy and Mommy often have to remind ourselves of that if we're trying something a little out of pace.  You give "feel you better" hugs out like candy whenever it is needed, and although sometimes you aren't so gentle, you do look out for your baby sister at every turn ("Mommy!  She's climbing the stairs again!  Georgia- you shouldn't do that, you're going to get hurt!  You are not a BIG enough girl to climb the stairs")

You are our special little man, and you bring so many joys to our life.  Thank-you for being YOU, and continue to challenge and wow us in the year to come.

We love you, Duder.