Sunday, 31 July 2011

Miss G

3 months and counting...

Wow, has that gone by fast!  For a 3-month old, you've had quite the ride this past 1/4 year of your life thus far!  At 4 weeks, you made a stellar passenger on our 16-hour road trip to Cape Hatteras for your first beach vacation
You had your first dip in the ocean, and your first dip in a pool (quite possibly all in one day), and enjoyed catching up on some R&R in the fresh ocean air. 

Since returning home, you've had some great playdates with your BFF, Zoe
You've had a both Mother's Day in Collingwood, followed by a week vaycay in Cwood in later June, photoshoots with mom, a photoshoot with a local photographer who is looking to beef up her portfolio (Thanks Lindsay!)
After just coming home from meeting your new cuz, Baby Brooklyn and new playmate and friend, Baby Ziggy Walsh in Ottawa, we're looking at turning around after the laundry is done to head to the cottage next weekend, and your first camping trip the 2nd week of August (gulp!  camping with 2 babes?  what. were. we. thinking???). 

If you are easy-going and relaxed as you have been the past 3 months, I'm sure the cottage and camping will roll through without an issue.  (Yay!).  Update to follow...


We've been working on Rowan's potty training for what seems like forever...perhaps started a little bit before he was "ready", but selfishly, I was ready, and sick of changing 2 babes' diapers.  We've read and solicited advice from previous potty-training experienced individuals, and have tried a gammet of bribe techniques to get him to GO.  Through this process, we've learned that our son has knowledge beyond his means, and seems to have out-sold his 2 salesperson parents.  Stickers, chocolate, special treats, and all the "norm" items of bribery haven't brought success on the potty.  It was the big ticket items...a new Thomas engine, a trip to see the new Cars 2 movie, Mack (from Cars 2) name it.  BUT- we're getting there!  Expensive, but I figure the trade-off in diaper purchases for the next 6 months is well worth it. 

In this process, Rowan has decided that he needs things to watch and cheer him on when he's going potty.  Creepy!  ...but again, it works:

I think he's created a new form of voyeurism, and I'm wondering at what point the "stage fright" is going to kick in.  In the mean time, we've realized that he's learned how to "hold it" for his #1s, as it takes about 10 minutes to set up all his "guys' to watch him go pee-pee". 

Nutty behaviour aside, we're darn proud he's well on his way to permanent (and clean) big boy underroos. 

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Things I definitely don't want to forget as my babies grow older...

It's amazing how quickly these wee gaffers grow up.  Rowan is 2 1/2 going on 10, and Georgia, although just approaching her 3-month birthday, seems to be more alert and more muscularly developed than I remember Rowan at her age.  As they grow, I can't imagine not being able to remember some of their greatest one-liners or nuances...

  • Rowan has been learning his prepositions of late.  In fact, for the past 6 months (or longer), he's referred to himself in the 3rd person, which is initially a little odd, but the cute-factor far surpasses the oddity.  For the past couple weeks, he has been dropping "I" and "me" into his sentences- sometimes used appropriately, but often slightly off-base:  "Mommy, can you build a big-long-train whif I???"
  • Georgia has the "kicking leg" baby trait that I'd forgotten about with Rowan, and is so rewarding as a parent to demonstrate her excitement and happiness.  You know...that uncontrollable kick up and down, up and down with pointed toe, a massive smile glued to her face, and excitement all over the place.  LOVE IT!
  • Miss G was born with her 2 bottom teeth, although not poken through, they were just on the surface at birth.  Welcome to teething at 2 1/2 months.  She's taking it quite well, and for the most part, is the same happy-go-lucky babe, but the poor girl doesn't yet have the hand/eye coordination to bring a teether to her mouth for relief.
I'm sure there are more, but thats all I have for tonight.  More tomorrow.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Hiatus adjurned.


Pathetic is...starting a blog and making only 5 entries before taking a hiatus of 2 months.  That time went by fast!  I guess, in a blog that is supposed to be a reflection of the lives of my 2 kids, this means I've been too busy at my Mom-job to update on this site.  Let's go with that...

Here's to trying this (again)...