Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Status Update: Still no Babe

I shouldn't be this impatient at this point...39 1/2 weeks preggers (official due date count-down: 3 days away), and I'm itching to become "un-pregnant", and to meet the wee gaffer growing inside of me. 

My problem is the fact that I was certain I was going into labour early.  Certain this baby would arrive in early April.  CERTAIN that, by this point, we would be comfortably settling into our new routine with Thing One and Thing Two cohabitating peacefully, and starting to define our new little family unit. 

No.  such.  luck.

Today the weather is beautiful: supposed to be a high of 12 degrees, sun-shiny and a gorgeous spring day. 

It's a beautiful day for a baby.

C'mon little one...

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Show me a sign...

I've been awaiting the arrival of this new babe for what seems like forever.  I've been rationalizing new symptoms of late as early signs of labour, and hoping beyond all hope that the light of the end of the prophetic cervical tunnel is soon going to be revealed to the wee gaffer that has been tapping my body of energy and umph.  Maybe I'm reaching, but here's what I've got:

1. The babe has most definitely dropped (besides the fact that my belly button is no longer in the perky position it was just a month ago, its clear that my pregger shirts are constantly having to be readjusted as my belly is peaking out the bottom of them).

2. I have only 4 pre-natal vitamins left in the bottle.  C'mon uterus- you don't really want me to have to go out and buy a whole new bottle before this bambino arrives- do you???

3. My stomach has recently donned it's fair share of maternal "tattoos"- which I'm hoping will disappear just as quickly as they appeared post-birth of babe.

4. The vascular issues in my right leg have extended well into my foot, and now boasts a clearly more "blue" colour on the right than the left.  The pins and needles in my right foot are also more prominent, and arguably, now in a fully "asleep" mode 24/7.

5. The exhaustion has definitely peaked.  This is either because: (a) I'm carrying around 30lbs that my body isn't used to; (b) my night wakings are finally catching up with me: 1-2 wake-ups with Rowan, and an additional 3-5 personal wake-ups for a pee emergency; or (c) my body is forcing me to catch some extra foot-up time prior to the (soon?) arrival of this bambino.  Gawd I hope its "C"!

6. Another reason (and I'm reaching here...): I was born on the 5th of the month, as was Glen.  Surely with Rowan born on the 4th of the month, I can have some karma that there is a chance that both our children would be 4th-of-the-month-babies.  Right?  RIGHT??? 

Okay, so as I re-read this, it appears that none of these "signs" are rooted in science, or the natural progression of pregnancy to labour to childbirth.  Probably just a collection of hopes that I'm clinging to, in (what I'm hoping) are the last days of pregnancy for this gal.  Probably best if I stick to the checklist on the fridge: pineapple consumption in canker-inducing quantities, spicy food, chinese, raspberry leaf tea and a few non-food unmentionables that, according to my girlfriends, are the "sure" way I'm headed for the labour & delivery ward.  Here's to hoping...