Thursday, 8 December 2011

Santa Claus is coming to Town...

With Christmas fast approaching (...holy shit!  2 weeks?  you'd think being on mat leave, I'd have a better handle on all this by now), the kids have been gearing up for the "big guy"'s arrival for some time.  Rowan is still a little timid when it comes to the man in red, but he's eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas Presents, and he's belting out carols at the top of his lungs on an hourly basis.  I'm thinking he "gets it". 

So far, Santa has come to Oma's work, and we got to sit and have cookies with him in Marmora, then came the Uxbridge parade (Rowan's favourite floats were the 2 train floats and the Cat in the Hat float...go figure), and then last weekend, he visited Santa at Sweet World Media, here in town.  Local photographer, Deborah De Ville (check out her work! ), did all the pics, with proceeds going to the Bonner Boys Splash Pad fund.  Here's the shots:

Rowan and Miss G just checkin' out the big guy, and not entirely sure yet...

Rowan warming up (probably 'cause he was positioned a "safer distance" away, and could tell him all about the engines he was hoping for...from afar)

Super-cute shot of Miss G and the Man in Red...
Let the festivites begin! 

Sunday, 4 December 2011

...and she's moving out!

Proud Mom moment #2,789...

Miss G is in one of those rapid development phases, where she's meeting milestones all over:

November 23- Proud big brother taught her how to "clap" (sweet!  no true clapping sounds, but the hand movements are precious!)

November 28- First word: "MaMa", which has quickly turned to "MumMumMumMumMum" (this could be directed as me, or the preferred baby rice stick treat- I'm sticking with the latter)

December 3- First tooth (finally) broke through!

December 4- has mastered sit-drop to all 4s- rock like crazy- shuffle a few inches- resume sit- and reach for item that she desperately wants to grab. 

We are certain she'll start crawling the day after we erect the Christmas tree.  And we'll be the family with our decorations on the top 1/3, and the baby safety gate around the bottom!