Monday, 28 January 2013

The BIG 4

He's 4, and not afraid to tell anyone that asks (or doesn't!).

We had Rowan's 4-year doctor's check-up today.  I was trying to remember, en route to the doctor's office, and I think this is the first time he's been seen at our family practitioner's office since last year.  I teetered between the feeling of "wow- Rowan must really be the picture of health" (and a small pat-on-the-back for being exceptional parents), and actually feeling like that had been a really.  long.  time.  1/4 of his life went by, and he hadn't seen his GP.  I guess this is what happens as your kids leave baby and toddler-hood, and move on up to being real little people. 

He got a perfect bill of health (minus the persistent chesty cough he's had for a few weeks now): just shy of 42" tall, and {almost} 40lbs.  And growing!

Interestingly, our doc noted that his speech is remarkable...most kids have the sound "eff" mixed up with the phonetics for "thhhh" until late kindergarten.  For example, Rowan can count with perfect sounds "One.  Two.  Three.  Four.  Five.", whereas many (apparently) kids his age will pronounce three with "free"...or maybe "fwee".  Likewise, the "L" is also a commonly mixed up letter of annunciation during toddlerhood, and can simply be be tested with the word "lollipop".  No problem for R, but some kids would say "wallwipop".  Good knowledge for us to monitor with Miss G (whom, due to her ear issues, is still significantly behind the curve with her speech!).